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big happy news!

I’m over the moon to announce that julie couch interiors will be welcoming two teeny tiny design associates this Spring.

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As I shared with you guys a few months ago, Mark and I have been ready to start a family for a long time.   And we are absolutely tickled pink AND blue to know we will be welcoming a little boy and a little girl into our lives in early 2013!

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The nursery plan is not yet underway, because we are planning to sell our current house and build a new one.  So…things are a bit up in the air right now to say the least.

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But change is good, and we are about to embark on lots and lots of very BIG changes, arriving in precious petite packages.

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If you have any good mommy advice, I would love to hear it! What’s the best tip you can give us about babies?

xo, jc(+2)

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  1. Is is big happy news. CONGRATULATIONS!!! The best advice I can give you is don’t listen to others go with your gut. Parent the way that feels right to you.
    Have fun. Is will be a wonderful adventure.

  2. Congratulations Julie! You will be a GREAT mom! With 6 kids between the two of us, our advice is to simply enjoy every moment–they grow up so quickly. And don’t listen too much to all of the “What to Expect”books, rather trust your instincts…they will usually be right! Congrats!!

  3. My advice is to spoil them rotten…. oh wait a minute… you wanted parenting advice.. I guess my advice is for grandparents!! LOL (sorry about that) :-)
    Best tip: Enjoy every single minute as they grow up way too quickly. The days can be long BUT the years are oh so short… Love you both and can’t wait for the happy event early next year. I’m thinking of putting a tent in your back yard (wherever that may be) oh, lets say the end of February so I will be there when the event takes place. Am I being a scary mother-in-law? I promise I won’t do the tent…I’m thinking you may not give me your new address if you believe I would do that! Hugs!

  4. With our twins we put them in the same chair from the 1st day home from hospital and every month at the same time put them back in the same chair, put boy on same side each time, girl on same side and take a minute or less video clip and when they are older you play those back and you can watch them grow up in front of your eyes. The BEST thing we’ve done – when they turn 1 we do it every year on their birthday but first 12 months we videoed each month as they will change so fast. Did it with Jackson as well. My sister does it but takes a still picture in same chair w/ a bear she got for baby gift so Ellyson gets bigger and bear seems to get smaller – ENJOY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!

  5. congratulations! How exciting!! I cant wait to hear all about your pregnancy, and nursery plans! Keep us posted….
    best advise…. Dont listen to anyone’s advise and follow your heart ;)

  6. Julie, I am “over the moon” happy for you. Congratulations! As a mother of twins, I can tell you that there will never be a dull moment. Best advice is to always feed them at the same time. If they are on the same feeding and sleeping schedule you will get some down time. In the early days, I could get about 2 hours in between by keeping them on the same schedule. You and Mark are going to be amazing parents. So, thrilled for you!!!

  7. hi Julie! Hope you are doing great! So funny to read your blog and i did just that…. Had pixs made by Brooke Rainey! We love her…. Small world :)

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