southern porch perfection

I was so pleased when the fabulous ladies at Style Blueprint asked me to share one of my projects with them.  Just in time for warm weather, they asked for an outdoor living space to show their readers.

And it just so happens that an amazing client and now good friend, Allison, has one fantastic space she was kind enough to let me photograph and show off to all the SB readers.

So, grab some inspiration from these photos, a glass of lemonade, and relax as you check out all the ideas we made happen for her in this amazing, newly added, screened porch.

And in case you missed it, click here to see the full post with my 12 must-haves for your soon to be favorite summer space!

xo, jc

phoebe howard via southern accents

details to fall for…

bomobob on etsy


The crisp, cool air was so refreshing this weekend!  My wheels started turning as I began to imagine how to update interiors and prepare them for Fall.

Of course, after spending most my life in Tennessee, I know the leaves all around me will change into beautiful shades of golds and reds.  I know clothes will begin to get a little darker and a bit more layered.  And days will get surely get shorter as we snuggle up inside with something yummy and warm to drink.

So if we take our cues from nature, the most gorgeous and practical things in our homes are those we use often!

Grab an elegant silver tray or a casual woven one for those mugs of hot chocolate…

julie couch interiors

Splurge on a fabulous cashmere throw in your favorite color…

julie couch interiors

Add interest with a woven shade layered under your drapery panels, the natural texture will do wonders…

phoebe howard via southern accents

Or if you already have roman shades or woven woods, add elegant velvet drapery panels or chic, but more casual linen panels…

darryl carter via decor pad

And the easiest fix of all, add new pillows!  Think about color and texture to achieve a smarter space.

jci showroom

And finally, snap a few dozen photos of your kids playing in the fall leaves,

brooke rainey photography
brooke rainey photography
brooke rainey photography

and create a gallery wall of your favorite images…

via atlanta homes magazine

Here’s to little changes that make big impact!

xo, jc


in the garden

And He walks with me, and He talks with me,
And He tells me I am His own;
And the joy we share as we tarry there,
None other has ever known.

-“In the Garden”

written in 1912 by Charles Austin Miles

Earlier this week Mark sent me some images from one of our favorite apps, Flipboard.  If you haven’t downloaded this one, I highly recommend it!

So, of course, I wanted to share these gorgeous photos from via Flipboard with you.

Although, I must admit I do not have a green thumb! And as competent as I feel inside the house, the opposite is true in the great outdoors.

But even more reason that these spaces “wowed” me.

So, enjoy a dozen dazzling gardens…

And have a wonderful weekend!

xo, jc


something ’bout a southern girl

Last week on a walk in my neighborhood I saw something off to the side of the street that stopped me in my tracks.  I couldn’t help but stand still and stare at an abundant patch of my favorite wildflower, Queen Anne’s Lace.

It’s simplicity and delicate blooms are so inspiring to me.  It made me think about how many styles of design I’m drawn to.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a sleek, modern space as much as the next girl, but I am after all a southern girl.

So I also really love a well-placed ruffle.

bedding by matteo
bedding by matteo

And I love the carefree feel of sheer fabrics with just enough detail.

Honestly, who’s not drawn to sweet baby bedding?

baby bedding by bella note

Or a pillowcase dress for your mini-me?

There are just some things like monograms and white linen I will never tire of!  I think it must have something to do with being raised in the South and experiencing so many long, hot summers.

I’m looking forward to having my own little people to dress in bows (her) or monograms (him and her.)  Mark thinks I may actually monogram our child’s forehead if he or she sits still long enough!  I promise I wouldn’t do that, but I may have a little table like this in the nursery…

table skirt by pom pom at home

Or a mirror like this.

oly studio

And for “grown-up” rooms that need a little softness, what about a pair of these?

oly studio

And another easy addition that makes BIG impact, a very feminine chandelier…

oly studio
oly studio

Or something a little simpler but with the same cool vibe.

oly studiooly studio

I mean, it is fun to lighten up a room… especially if you take that suggestion literally.
Doesn’t this whimsical floor lamp feel so fresh?

floor lamp by stray dog

So the moral of this design story is that it’s ok to add something completely feminine and youthful to an otherwise “serious” space.  Variety really is the spice of life especially when it comes to decorating and design.

wallcovering by anthropologie
wallcovering by anthropologie

No one wants their home to look like a furniture showroom!  We want our homes to look like “us.”  We want our friends and family to feel comfortable and right at home when they visit.

So, try not to overthink or put a label on your style.

pillow by west elm

As I tell myself when I get overwhelmed or concerned that something isn’t quite good enough or I compare myself or my work to someone else, I remind myself of one thing:

shower curtain by anthropologie

I only know how to be me.  Same goes for you.

So as the saying goes, “You just do you.”

And here’s to doing it well!

wallcovering by anthropologie

xo, jc

pink decorating

think pink

pink decorating

Pink it´s my new obsession

Pink it´s not even a question

Pink on the lips of your lover, ´cause

Pink is the love you discover

Pink as the bing on your cherry

Pink ´cause you are so very

Pink it´s the color of passion

`Cause today it just goes with the fashion


It’s true.  It seems everywhere I look there are beautiful soft shades of pink!  Maybe it’s because a dear friend of mine is about to have a new baby girl, and I’m getting to help create a sweet nursery for her.

Or maybe it’s the summer heat that makes me long for cool and light, pastel hues.

Or maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic and love that the color is overtly and unapologetically “girly.”

suzanne kasler

And even though I’d never consider myself a “pink person,” when I decorated a room at the Junior League show house five years ago, that’s exactly the color I chose for a “young lady’s bedroom.”  And it is so lady-like, isn’t it?

julie couch interiors

julie couch interiors

And I will honestly say after five years, I still love this room.  The walls are painted Romance by Sherwin Williams.  The color reminds me of a delicate peach rose.

However, if you love the look of this room for your house, but you’re space is not show house proportions, I’d recommend asking the paint store to mix the color at 1/2 tint for a less intense version of the same hue.

stephen shubel

So from head to toe I’m definitely feeling it.  Even my favorite summer nail polish is perfectly pink, Essie’s Fiji.  It’s opaque enough that you notice it but subtle enough to be feminine and pretty.  That’s also why I like wall colors to be present but polite.

You never want a paint color that makes your room scream at you, “Hey you! I’m red, and I’m loud…”

You get the idea.

phoebe howard

krista ewart

Other pink paints I am loving now are Sherwin Williams Possibly Pink,

Benjamin Moore’s Bridal Pink,

and Farrow and Ball’s Pink Ground.

jonathan berger

via country living

windsor smith

pink bedroom
via country living

via country living

Your favorite shade of pink may be warm and sweet like my Mimi’s strawberry cake or zesty and cool like raspberry sorbet, but either way it’s absolutely yummy!

xo, jc