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if one is good…

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Isn’t it funny when a friend notices an expression that you use often or a hand gesture that you make that you weren’t even aware of?!

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This is definitely the case for me since I use lots of words, lots of gestures, and share lots of loud energetic ideas with my friends.

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And since my goal is to include useful, fun, and creative ideas on the blog, I asked Scarlett, “What is something that we use a lot that we like?”

dodson & daughter via decor pad

Luckily, we have a sort of verbal shorthand, so this made sense to her and she responded with “Layered rugs.”

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“Aha!” I thought.  Great idea.

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So here are a dozen examples of how to layer persian over seagrass or antique over dhurrie.

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To be totally honest, when we mention this design element to some of our clients, we see a look of bewilderment…

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But I promise, when done well, this looks timeless and chic.

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 It can really give a room a sense of age and sophistication.

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What design element do you never tire of?

xo, jc