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if one is good…

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Isn’t it funny when a friend notices an expression that you use often or a hand gesture that you make that you weren’t even aware of?!

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This is definitely the case for me since I use lots of words, lots of gestures, and share lots of loud energetic ideas with my friends.

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And since my goal is to include useful, fun, and creative ideas on the blog, I asked Scarlett, “What is something that we use a lot that we like?”

dodson & daughter via decor pad

Luckily, we have a sort of verbal shorthand, so this made sense to her and she responded with “Layered rugs.”

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“Aha!” I thought.  Great idea.

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So here are a dozen examples of how to layer persian over seagrass or antique over dhurrie.

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To be totally honest, when we mention this design element to some of our clients, we see a look of bewilderment…


But I promise, when done well, this looks timeless and chic.

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 It can really give a room a sense of age and sophistication.

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What design element do you never tire of?

xo, jc

seats six; $349.

east nashville bungalow

PHOTO WARNING: I took these pictures, so please forgive the camera work!

Last week I had a fun day installing a new living and dining room for a client of mine that just bought a home in East Nashville.

It’s a second home, so she will keep her primary residence in tact, which gave us a clean slate to start.  The neutral gray paint was new and looked great, so we just needed to add some furniture, art, and a few accessories to make it feel like home.

The dining room when we arrived…

And a few hours later…

rustic, french-y chairs paired with a modern glass and metal table
more chair detail;  dark gray linen on distressed, carved frames

And living room before…

and after…


 Don’t you just love this whimsical pillow?!

We included a couple great bargain finds for this project including dining and accent tables from as well as frames and accessories from Pier 1 and TjMaxx.

What’s your favorite place to find affordable treasures?

xo, jc

pink decorating

think pink

pink decorating

Pink it´s my new obsession

Pink it´s not even a question

Pink on the lips of your lover, ´cause

Pink is the love you discover

Pink as the bing on your cherry

Pink ´cause you are so very

Pink it´s the color of passion

`Cause today it just goes with the fashion


It’s true.  It seems everywhere I look there are beautiful soft shades of pink!  Maybe it’s because a dear friend of mine is about to have a new baby girl, and I’m getting to help create a sweet nursery for her.

Or maybe it’s the summer heat that makes me long for cool and light, pastel hues.

Or maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic and love that the color is overtly and unapologetically “girly.”

suzanne kasler

And even though I’d never consider myself a “pink person,” when I decorated a room at the Junior League show house five years ago, that’s exactly the color I chose for a “young lady’s bedroom.”  And it is so lady-like, isn’t it?

julie couch interiors

julie couch interiors

And I will honestly say after five years, I still love this room.  The walls are painted Romance by Sherwin Williams.  The color reminds me of a delicate peach rose.

However, if you love the look of this room for your house, but you’re space is not show house proportions, I’d recommend asking the paint store to mix the color at 1/2 tint for a less intense version of the same hue.

stephen shubel

So from head to toe I’m definitely feeling it.  Even my favorite summer nail polish is perfectly pink, Essie’s Fiji.  It’s opaque enough that you notice it but subtle enough to be feminine and pretty.  That’s also why I like wall colors to be present but polite.

You never want a paint color that makes your room scream at you, “Hey you! I’m red, and I’m loud…”

You get the idea.

phoebe howard

krista ewart

Other pink paints I am loving now are Sherwin Williams Possibly Pink,

Benjamin Moore’s Bridal Pink,

and Farrow and Ball’s Pink Ground.

jonathan berger

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windsor smith

pink bedroom
via country living

via country living

Your favorite shade of pink may be warm and sweet like my Mimi’s strawberry cake or zesty and cool like raspberry sorbet, but either way it’s absolutely yummy!

xo, jc

tree photo

trees and sky..oh my!

I went for a walk this morning in my neighborhood, and I couldn’t believe how beautiful and varied the shades of green were around me.  As I listened to Amos Lee on my iPhone and looked up at the gorgeous, bright blue sky I realized what a fabulous combination the kelly green against the clear baby blue really is!

So, I started thinking about how much I love to create rooms around moments that make me take notice.

Here are a few summer spaces that’ll make you want to grab your suit and get to the pool!

Canadian House and Home
Anthony Baratta and William Diamond
alexandra angle
meg braff
tobi fairley
tom stringer
tobi fairley
windsor smith
lynn morgan
leslie klotz
gideon mendelson
frances schultz
frances schultz
carolyn espley-miller
jacqueline derrey

 Summer time is pretty cool, right!?

Which is your favorite?



florida sun

Likes: Long walks on the beach, elegant dinners, French wine, clear blue skies and the sound of waves crashing.

No, this is not an attempt at my own personal ad.  These are just a few of my very favorite things that I was blessed to share with two of my best friends this past week.  I was overdue for a getaway, so I tried to drink in every moment.  The sand was gorgeous.   The water of the Gulf was the clearest I’ve ever seen it, and the temperature hovered at a perfect 80 degrees every day without a drop of rain in sight.

me, lindsay, & natalie

And each day as I stared at the color of clear turquoise water splashing onto light beige sand, I realized that color palette is one I return to time and time again.  The subtle changes in the shades of blue of the ocean and the soft texture of the sand brings to mind watercolor gourd lamps in pale blue and driftwood dining tables paired with white linen slipcovered chairs.

Find what makes you smile and then find a way to incorporate those things into your home.

For me, I love soft, slightly wrinkled linen and rustic wood tones like this…

beach home design
tracery interiors

or this.

suzanne kasler
suzanne kasler

And how’s this for a beautiful sandy neutral?  Schumacher fabric wraps the walls for a warm yet chic bedroom.

suzanne kasler
suzanne kasler

The details always matter.  A design may go from almost finished to breathtaking in minutes with the addition of a few well selected accessories.

beach house design
tracery interiors

My heart absolutely sings when I’m at the beach, and as a result I always seem to return to aspects of it in my work.  I can’t necessarily bring my clients salty air or bright sun, but I can help them determine what those elements are for them.

Using items that remind you of the places you love most will without a doubt make your home more lovely and truly unique.

What place makes you happiest?

xo, jc