mr gus on our very white, very washable, sunbrella sofa

family friendly homes

In case you missed it, last month I was happy to guest post on the Nashville blog, Interior Canvas.  I shared several tried and true tips on how to create a beautiful home that you can actually live in!  Because frankly, if you’re not totally comfortable at home, what’s the point, right!?

julie couch interiors

On a daily bassis I answer questions from clients and friends about how they can “child-proof” their homes.  How can they keep fingerprints off everything?

In a few short words, Sunbrella, Slipcovers, and Leather.

mr gus on our very white, very washable, sunbrella sofa

But that’s not all you can do; I have a few more tricks up my sleeve that I’d love to share it with you.  Read all about it on Interior Canvas here!

xo, jc

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kitchens that are smokin’

I’m always tearing things out of magazines, pinning, or bookmarking photos of spaces that are inspiring.
These are a few kitchens I’ve found lately that I’m…


susan dossetter via house beautiful
nancy boszhardt via house beautiful
jim howard via house beautiful
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via traditional home
via traditional home


Robert Schwartz and Karen Williams
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Which is your favorite!?

xo, jc

yellow pansies dd

happy friday

This morning it really struck me how wonderful some of the “little” things are.

I looked out my back door and saw three bright red cardinals…

photo by marie hicks

then, I noticed a pop of soft color on my patio…

and best of all my Christmas cactus that never seemed to change or grow is blooming in my kitchen.

I’m still working on worrying less

and appreciating more,

but this morning was a good start.

have a wonderful weekend!

xo, jc

cut velvet and embellishment? absolutely.

wide open!

I’m so thrilled to share that the JCI showroom is officially OPEN!

It’s been a journey full of highs and lows, but we are in and the place looks beautiful.

(If I do say so myself?!)

We celebrated Thursday night with our family and friends at our grand opening party.  It was a very chilly night, but I was greeted with so many warm wishes that all I felt was THANKFUL.

Here is a peak of some of the pretty things in store for you when you visit.

These are snapshots I took this morning.

vance kittera
you can never have enough ivory candles
gift wrap
good things come in all sizes
something shiny always works
something shiny always works
sweet and red hot
pillows, anyone?!
silver trays and fresh flowers…timeless
literally cabinets and cabinets full of good stuff!
well, hello there…

cut velvet and embellishment? absolutely.

 Stop by and see us soon! That would really be so COOL.

xo jc






my own hanna in her new frock

holy OLY!

Two weeks ago I traveled to visit my family in North Carolina.  Our trip coincided with Fall market, so I spent a fast and furious two days at High Point seeing all the new treasures.

oly showroom vignette

It was so much fun!  There was absolutely so much to see that I only got a glimpse of some fabulous new vendors, but I grabbed their cards and catalogs and carried on!

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One stop I had to make was a showroom that’s been a favorite of mine for over 6 years, Oly!

Literally the line was a favorite from the moment I saw a pair of raffia Hanna chairs in person and bought them on the spot!

photo by michael partenio
via decor pad

They’ve since shown up in numerous shelter magazines, but I’m still not tired of them.  I even had mine recovered this fall (seat and lumbar only) in a cool Clarke and Clarke cut velvet.

clarke and clarke
via decor pad
via decor pad

When I walked through the doors into the Oly showroom, I immediately had this thought, “Wow, I bet this is what heaven looks like…”

So a here’s a few images of the beautiful, soft, and chic interior I fell in love with.

This is my hanna in her new frock for fall. Isn’t she lovely!? xo, jc