the big one


It’s so fun to share some sweet photos from my first party to host this year!  The honoree is a little chubby and completely perfect.  My son, Gus, turned 1 in January!

So, here are a few family photos of my simple and affordable decorating ideas for the big day!

Gus' bday 09

So I’m kind of a closet florist..graphic designer…and event planner…

Although, I don’t really know what I’m doing with the flowers or foam, software or ribbon,  I make up for my less- than-amazing talent with exceptional enthusiasm. And amazingly, I do actually have a couple, very trusting friends that have let me do their floral arrangements and table top decor for their parties, (Thank you, Christy!)

Gus' bday 08 Gus' bday 12 Gus' bday 13

So, when I attend a party or baby shower, I just love to see how my friends have decorated for the event. It’s so much fun to see how the hosts or hostesses have chosen to honor the honoree!

Gus' bday 24 Gus' bday 25 Gus' bday 26 Gus' bday 27

Even for my beautiful baby showers that my friends hosted for me, it was so much fun to see how they interpreted me and my tastes.

But for this low key event that I want to share with you.  You’ll see that we celebrated in a simple, fun fashion.  It was all about family and simple decorations.  And as I warned my friend Ashley before the event, “Beware! Our house is covered in plastic!”

In fact, all decorations were from The Oriental Trading Company website or our local dollar store.

Gus' bday 32
photo timeline of Gus’s 1st year

Gus' bday 33

And speaking of family, the grandparents had photo ops!

Gus' bday 64
Grandpa and Janny
Gus' bday 67
Nana and Gramps

And so did our sweet (extra) family member, Jessica, our nanny.
Gus' bday 90

The cupcake wasn’t a hit with the very sleepy birthday boy.Gus' bday 94 Gus' bday 97

But my goal was to have a fun theme that was simple, inexpensive, and just right for our very loved 1 year old.  And I think we achieved that.  It was an easy evening, and I was grateful to reflect on the miracle of his 1st year!

So, what’s your best advice for event decorating on a budget?! I’d love some new ideas!

xo, jc


i’m thankful

To simply say I’m thankful today would be an extreme understatement.  After experiencing the most painful and joyful year of my life, I look back at the past twelve months and am in awe of God’s majesty and love for me.

Even in the midst of the most bittersweet moments, I find that I have far fewer answers to the “big” questions than I’ve ever had, but those unanswered questions confirm that my God is bigger than my human mind or heart can grasp.

My husband, Mark, and I lost our precious baby girl, Georgia, last year on December 5th.  She was born far too early.  And though she was perfect, she was just too tiny for this world.  Even as I type these words my eyes fill with tears, and my chest feels tight as it does most days.  Even though almost a year has passed since her precious minutes with us, my soul longs for her presence.

Yet as I write this, I have a beautiful sleeping baby boy snuggled in his carseat behind me.  We’re driving to visit our family for the day and show off our little eleven month old miracle, Gus.

 Now when my alarm clock, Gus, wakes me at 7am each day I am truly excited to jump out of bed and climb the stairs to see his smiling face and kicking legs as he greets me.

Even though I often feel the weight of profound joy and despair, I remind myself that Gus is healthy and happy.  I try my best to embrace the moments I can hold his chubby little body to my chest.  And when he tucks his head into my neck, I melt.  These are the most treasured, sweetest moments I’ve ever known.

Mark and I have a safe home, our health, careers we enjoy, and most importantly we have our undeserved but cherished baby boy, Gus.   Thank God.

xo, jc

mr gus on our very white, very washable, sunbrella sofa

family friendly homes

In case you missed it, last month I was happy to guest post on the Nashville blog, Interior Canvas.  I shared several tried and true tips on how to create a beautiful home that you can actually live in!  Because frankly, if you’re not totally comfortable at home, what’s the point, right!?

julie couch interiors

On a daily bassis I answer questions from clients and friends about how they can “child-proof” their homes.  How can they keep fingerprints off everything?

In a few short words, Sunbrella, Slipcovers, and Leather.

mr gus on our very white, very washable, sunbrella sofa

But that’s not all you can do; I have a few more tricks up my sleeve that I’d love to share it with you.  Read all about it on Interior Canvas here!

xo, jc

via captured by carrie

big happy news!

I’m over the moon to announce that julie couch interiors will be welcoming two teeny tiny design associates this Spring.

via captured by carrie

As I shared with you guys a few months ago, Mark and I have been ready to start a family for a long time.   And we are absolutely tickled pink AND blue to know we will be welcoming a little boy and a little girl into our lives in early 2013!

via rooms of wonder

The nursery plan is not yet underway, because we are planning to sell our current house and build a new one.  So…things are a bit up in the air right now to say the least.

via styleI adore

But change is good, and we are about to embark on lots and lots of very BIG changes, arriving in precious petite packages.

via style I adore

If you have any good mommy advice, I would love to hear it! What’s the best tip you can give us about babies?

xo, jc(+2)

julie couch interiors

real life

julie couch interiors

First, thank you all who read this blog and call or email me to tell me what you think about what I write.

julie couch interiors

What I’ve found over the year and a half since I started the blog is that not too many people comment on gorgeous living rooms or fabulous kitchens, but they do comment on my posts about my struggles with anxiety, depression, and infertility.

julie couch interiors

Goodness, that sounds grim, but my life is not!  I have obstacles like everyone has, and I choose to see that darn glass half full!

julie couch interiors

So looking at said glass, I wanted to share a little bit of information about me.  I’m going through the IVF protocol as we speak, and I’m praying for a healthy, happy baby.  I’m sharing this for two reasons; the first is that I want to be authentic.  The second reason is that I WELCOME your prayers if you’re willing to send them my way.

julie couch interiors

God has held me so tightly throughout my life.  When I think about the first 34 years for me, I imagine Him holding me in His hands.  I see the sometimes very bumpy road I’ve traveled, and even though I was scared to death and confident I wouldn’t make it through…I did.  He was, in fact, holding me.  I was safe the entire time.  Why was I so scared?

This experience has been the same in so many ways.  I know He has a plan. So, whether or not “my” baby comes from my belly or not, I am grateful because I am blessed.  I am healthy.  My husband is a truly good man.  And my girlfriends are so encouraging and supportive of my dreams.

julie couch interiors

So, here’s to knowing how blessed we are in the little ways even when some of the “big” things don’t go our way.  Its trying to realize in the moment how pretty the sunset is in its perfect shade of pink or watching your puppy split leap toward you when you walk in the door each afternoon.

Thank God that things will always go the way that is ultimately best for us.  They will go His way and according to His plan.

xo, jc