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design crush

Ok, so I’m pretty nerdy when it comes to design magazines, design blogs, and well,  really design anything.  I actually got teary-eyed when I met Bobby McAlpine in person.  I couldn’t speak to introduce myself.  My mouth wouldn’t work, and believe me that’s very rare.   Seriously, it’s ridiculous.

My design crushes are endless, but I thought I’d share my latest find with you.

So, here are a half dozen images that will make you swoon.  All designs by Julio Quinones.


Well, I guess it’s fitting to talk romance, since we are a couple weeks away from Valentine’s Day.  So, whose lovely designs are you dreaming of?

xo, jc

Jim Howard via House Beautiful

let’s play marbles!

Lately, it seems every time a client asks me what to use for a countertop or bath tile I’m answering quickly and excitedly, “Marble!” To prove my point, here are a half dozen spaces that are absolutely exquisite!

For example,

William Hodgins via House Beautiful

and this…

James Radin via House Beautiful

The truth is I don’t have any in my house, not in the bath and not in the kitchen.  And I truly think with an antique Venetian mirror and a marble tub I could don a diamond tiara and look pretty natural sitting on my silk vanity bench and sipping champagne.  See photo below for perfect example of where I would happily perch.

Carrie Hayden via House Beautiful

Seriously though,  I love this look.  It’s clean.  It’s classic.  It’s fresh.  It’s elegant, and most importantly it’s timeless!

Jim Howard via House Beautiful

And really, we all need a reason to throw on a tiara every now and again.  And if a room like this gives you a reason to, then get to the stone yard and choose your slab!

David Jimenez via House Beautiful

The possibilities are limitless,

Carole Lalli via House Beautiful

and you deserve it, your highness!

xo, jc