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I’m really blessed to have amazing clients! Honestly, that is an understatement.  Some of my best friends have become clients and vice versa.

Sometimes even “almost clients” are great too!  For instance, I received this message on facebook last week and thought it would be helpful post.  I have similar questions asked all the time about how to update a home and what to do first.  I love getting questions from friends and readers, so please send me your ideas or dilemmas!

This partciular question was from Traci.  She’s the one on the right.  Adorable!


Julie, Hey girl oh how I wish you worked here in Jackson!!! I need some major help at my house which just happens to be right across Country Club Lane from your sister Molly’s house. My dilemma is that my husband doesn’t want to do anything major because we have a lot we want to build on in a few years. I get his point but we do have to live here now and it needs a facelift! What do you suggest as the easiest and cheapiest route to start? Maybe paint? Just thought I might pick you brain a little. Thanks for any suggestions.



Hi Traci! Thanks so much for your message! It’s good to hear from you.
I posted on my blog today about simple (cost effective) solutions to decorating decisions- a condo I worked on at the beach on a very tight budget!
I always suggest crisp white or ivory bedding. It can do wonders to freshen up a space- Even matelassee coverlets from Marshalls or TJMaxx are under 50. Then, you can add a new throw or duvet at the foot of the bed to soften it up.
Get rid of clutter- if you don’t love it, give it away so you can see the things you do love- Throw away all faux plants.
New lamps- drum shades are more current and can update a space as well as new art-
And of course, paint makes a huge difference! I prefer to stick with 3 colors (or shades of) throughout the house so you have continuity
What colors are your current furnishings? Are you more into neutrals or color on the walls?
What areas in particular are you working on?
Let me know and I’m happy to help!
Also, check out a post on my blog called “what a difference a day makes” it’s got some great quick fixes too:)
xo, jc
This is the post- and check out the current one too-
Hope that helps!


what a difference a day makes |

So, on a quiet Sunday after a late night at a friend’s wedding I started thinking about how much can happen in 24 hours. Life changes. Babies are born, vows are made, and rooms are decorated!




Okay, so loved the blog post. Just read it. I love the room with the stone fireplace from House Beautiful. This is what I am gearing towards! My problem seems to be I can’t get away from golds/burgundy/neutral tan combos and I am sick of them! I want to spunk it up but classically. Loved the garden stool idea- I may have to run with that one. I want to foucus on my den and master bath right now I think. I think I will take a picture of my den and bathroom and post them for you to look at. I realize that I can’t just buy a room full of new furniture but pillows, textures, and new fabrics are what I am thinking. Thank you so much for your ideas and time to respond! You do amazing work! If you do think you are coming to Jackson anytime let me know. I would love to have some help and pick your brain some more!

So, please send your questions and comments! I love a challenge!

xo, jc