the fabulous (and kind) Mara Miller

Incredible family portrait by C&C client, Annie Leibovitz
Truly one of my favorite rooms of all time, created by Carrier and Company for actress, Jessica Chastain
C&C as seen in House Beautiful
This office by Carrier and Co mixes furniture styles and textures…and the layers!
fabulous mix of pattern and texture, interior by Carrier and Company
two more images from Jessica Chastain’s home in NYC by C&C
Who knew a kitchen could be so sexy?! Interior by Carrier and Company
warm and earthy color palette perfected by Carrier and Company
jewel tones in this space take you back in time. Home of Jessica Chastain by Carrier and Company
perfect artwork chosen for this space by Carrier and Company

I’ve spent the better part of the last 3 days gazing at beautiful objects and listening to talented tastemakers talk about all things “Cultivated Style” at this year’s Antique and Garden Show.

tabletop vignette by Carrier and Company

The show officially ends today (Sunday 2/5) at 4pm, but I was fortunate to spend a few minutes yesterday chatting with Mara Miller, half of the dynamic husband-wide team that is Carrier and Company.  We talked about all things life, design, and business.

I could literally share a hundred photos from their gorgeous portfolio!  (See for yourself here !) But I will simply include a few of my very favorites to whet your appetite;)

Charming sitting area in a collected and creative bedroom design

Mara met her husband and business partner , Jessie Carrier, in college at FIT.  The two have been making design history ever since.  Jessie and Mara are parents of two young children, ages 6 and 11 and live in NYC.  So I was particularly interested in how her days work, how she schedules, and how she keeps her designs fresh.  Luckily, I found that she wasn’t “that much of a planner” which made me feel a little better about my chaotic days.  However, she obviously gets most days right, as she has created an admirable design firm with an impressive list of celebrity clients with beautiful homes throughout the country.  The two make an incredible partnership.

When creating a home,  Mara explained how she talked with clients about determining budget and timeline.  I appreciated how she spoke about addressing areas that can often be overlooked, like a hallway or a back entrance.  “Everything has to make sense together,” Mara said, so it makes no sense to leave a space unfinished.  She mentioned how a hallway may became the link that brings all the spaces together, and that small spaces shouldn’t be ignored as an integral part of the whole home.

It was so interesting to hear the things about her business that are identical to mine and as well as the processes that are completely different.

Since she and Jessie have children, Mara mentioned that they get many clients that are creating homes for a young families.  Attention to details that make the home liveable as well as what is an appropriate place to invest as well as save.  Carrier and Company is careful that each home has both longevity and style.  Mara and Jessie really listen to what that particular client needs and wants them to create.

Carrier and Company works with clients starting with a clean slate as well as those in need of major updates and edits.   Mara and I agreed that sometimes the most fun place to start shopping is in our clients’ current homes.

As a designer, I know the time it takes to find the perfect piece to rest on a console table or the “right” lamp for a bedside table; so as I look at their beautiful portfolio, I truly appreciate the time and attention given to each space.  The rooms are curated, edited, and incredibly inviting.

Another thing I really love about Carrier and Company interiors is that the homes look comfortable, layered, and real.  There is nothing stuffy or formulaic about the spaces, but they are each unique and beautiful as is Mara herself.

And they have a GORGEOUS coffee table book, Carrier and Company: Positively Chic Interiors.  Buy your copy here.)

xo, jc

portfolio photos via www.carrierandcompany.com

family portrait via ladolcevitablog.com