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kendall fire

I’m so thrilled to introduce you to our newest team member, interior designer,


After only a couple months of being with us, Kendall has been such a huge help and has already brought so many great ideas to JCI that I’ve often called her “Kendall Fire!” She is a hard worker and a super talented designer.

So, I thought I’d do a 12 question Q & A with her so you guys can get to know her too!

1. Why did you choose design in college? And where did you study?

I’ve always been creative and artistic since I was a little girl. Plus, I grew up helping my mother with all of her creative arts, crafts and home improvement pojects. It all just made sense to me as a career choice! My design degree is from the University of Georgia.

2. What decision are you most proud of?

I’m proud of myself for moving to NYC when I graduated from college. It was such an exciting way to start out in the interior design industry, even though I had zero experience!

3. What keeps you grounded?

My husband, Kane. He’s lighthearted and knows how to keep things in perpective. He makes me laugh and keeps me from taking myself too seriously.

4. What relaxes you?

Reading. I spend as much time as I can with books!

5. Favorite book?

I have lots. Ann Patchett is one of my favorite fiction writers. All of her books are great. I also love reading travel books, especially any by Frances Mayes. She wrote Under the Tuscan Sun which is perfection since it combines travel and a home renovation.

6. What brought you to JCI?

When we originally met I had just decided to move to from NYC to Nashville and we instantly hit it off! Since, we kept in touch over the next year and a half, I was lucky you were expanding the staff at the same time that I was looking to make a change. It was perfect timing!

7. Favorite place you’ve visited? favorite place you hope to visit soon?

My favorite place I’ve visited is probably the UK. I spent a summer there in college and loved it. I’m hoping to visit Germany soon which is really exciting!

8. Favorite food?

It changes depending on my mood. Lately, I’d say it’s Jet’s Pizza.

9. Best friend?

I’m very blessed to have two! Best friend #1 is a lovely lady named Geneva. We met at UGA and graduated from the same degree program. She’s an incredibly talented commercial designer in Atlanta. Best friend #2 is my sister-in-law Logan. Our husbands are brothers and best friends and we spend more time together than we spend apart. She’s a public relations star here in Nashville.

10. Favorite design elements? favorite shape or color?

I see so many beautiful things everyday that it’s impossible to choose one design element as my favorite! I will say that I always love understated, neutral color palettes with bright unexpected art. Just about any piece of furniture looks best upholstered in simple linen, and when in doubt blue is always a great accent color.

11. Favorite song?

My ipod is such a random mix of music – country, oldies, 80s rock, rap, bluegrass. My favorite band ever is Old Crow Medicine Show. All of their songs are incredible, and they’re fantastic live.

12. What’s your biggest most outlandish dream?

My dreams aren’t too outlandish. I want to travel the world. I’d love to write a novel or a travel memoir. Maybe produce a show at some point. I also want to have a family someday. Who knows what can happen in the future, right?

Welcome, Kendall!  Here’s to a long and happy future!

xo, jc

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  1. Loved “meeting” the newest addition to your staff. Great to see her and hear a little bit about “who she is,” wonderful idea Julie girl!!

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